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Generally, your credit does not matter with us.  We understand that there are a lot of hard-working, decent people who have less-than-perfect credit, and we can work with that.  However, if you are thinking about renting from us, take note of the following:

1) You must be 18 to apply.

2) As a general rule, the household income needs to be AT LEAST 3x the rent rate.  $1600 minimum.  6 months of local (North Carolina) employment highly preferred.  DO NOT ADD ADULTS TO YOUR APPLICATION AS CO-SIGNERS OR FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING YOUR HOUSEHOLD INCOME APPEAR HIGHER THAN IT IS.

3) You must have income that we can verify. 

4) We do not currently accept Section 8.

5) Your rent is due on the 1st of the month.  It must be received by us on or before the 5th to be considered on time.  If we receive your rent after the 5th of the month, it must include a 5% late fee (to find the total, multiply your rent x 1.05 on a calculator).  In accordance with NC law, we can and will file for eviction on the 10th of the month for nonpayment of rent.  To stop an eviction, you must pay your entire balance in full, plus court costs and related fees, which usually total about $200.  Click here to view a detailed fee schedule.  We offer last-minute, instant payment options that allow you to avoid court costs.

6) Destructive, aggressive, harassing, obscene, unsanitary, drug-related, gang-related, or other criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

7) If we find that you have been dishonest or have omitted any pertinent information in your application, your application will be denied.  We reserve the right to rescind the approval of an application before you move in if we determine at any point that your application contained false information.  If in doubt, include all information about pets, eviction history, criminal record, and income sources/amounts in your application.  Your tenancy may be terminated if you have misrepresented your situation on your application.

8) Our homes are generally non-smoking.  With some of them, we can allow smoking for an additional $25 per month.  This covers our added expenses for cleaning and re-painting.  If we discover evidence of smoking in an unapproved house later, this is a lease violation.  

9) Having an unauthorized pet is one of the fastest ways to get yourself evicted.

10) We do not allow tenants to make "permanent" alterations to our properties.  This includes painting, the application of wallpaper, borders, or stickers, or the changing of any major systems of the home.  We do require tenants to conduct minor upkeep like maintaining the yard, picking up trash on the property, changing light bulbs, furnace filters, and smoke / CO detector batteries, and ensuring that drains remain free of clogs.  

11) Before you receive the key to move in, we must have the following from you:

a) Move-in balance paid in full.  This is usually the security deposit plus one full month's rent.  Click here to learn if and when we charge pro-rated rent.

b) A completed copy of your rental agreement.

c) A picture ID of all adult applicants.

d) A social security card for all adult applicants.

 12) All adult residents (and those planning to spend at least 72 hours in the home) must apply and be approved prior to residency.  If you know you have 2 adults, it's best for both to apply upfront.  The cost to add an adult to the lease later is $250.