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All units are NO-PET.  Any exception to this policy must be made in writing, and a non-refundable pet fee will apply.  If a pet (or evidence thereof) is found inside the property or on the premises, even if it is “just visiting”, owned by a guest of the tenant, etc., FIRST OFFENSE may result in a $500 FINE and REQUIREMENT TO IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE ANIMAL, or EVICTION FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT. 


By law, a service animal is not considered to be a pet.  Landlord makes every effort to stay current on, and follow completely, all laws regarding service animals.  However, laws regarding service animals change often, and many people misuse and/or defraud the system for the purpose of keeping an otherwise-disallowed pet, conjuring a fair housing / discrimination case, or both.  Therefore, as long as current law allows:


               Tenant shall disclose upon initial application if he owns a service animal, if he qualifies to own a service animal, or if he plans to attempt to qualify for a service animal.


               Tenant shall provide all documentation, as is available and as landlord has legal right to request, for both tenant’s qualification to own a service animal and the animal’s qualification to be used for service.


               Tenant shall provide all documentation, as is available and as landlord has legal right to request, pertaining to the animal’s species, breed, size, weight, age, etc.  This shall include a photograph of the particular service animal in question. 


               Tenant shall provide all documentation, as is available and as landlord has legal right to request, to prove that the animal is current on vaccinations and any training that may be required.


               Tenant shall, where permitted, provide proof of liability insurance, to cover bites and other bodily harm inflicted by the animal.  Landlord shall, where allowable, be listed as additional insured to cover his financial liability in the event of a claim.


               By choosing to bring a service animal onto the property, tenant hereby assumes 100% liability for all legal and financial claims arising from ownership of said animal.


               After move-in, if tenant later wishes to obtain a new or different service animal, landlord must first be notified in writing and provided with the above documentation for that animal.


               By law, tenant is not required to gain landlord’s permission to have a service animal for which he rightfully qualifies.  However, evidence of an animal being kept in the property or on the premises, when landlord has not been notified of tenant’s qualification for or intent to own a service animal, or if said animal does not match the description / photo / etc. of animal for which proper notification HAS been made, shall constitute a breach of contract.


               If an applicant or tenant feels that any part of this service animal policy is (or becomes, as laws change) discriminatory or against public policy, he shall make his case in writing to landlord, along with supporting documentation, and allow at least 5 business days for a response / resolution from landlord before pursuing any further complaints.