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 Interested in one of our homes?  Here is OUR PROCESS: 


Step 1:

View a home's photo gallery and video tour along with other information on our website.  Also be sure to read our RENTAL REQUIREMENTS and PET POLICY before proceeding.


Step 2:
Make a trip to the home at your convenience to check out the neighborhood, walk around the yard, look in the windows, etc.  You don't need us there for that, and most folks can get a great idea of whether or not this is the home for them just by following Steps 1 and 2.  Be sure to write down the 1-digit number on the BACK DOOR of the home.  Providing us with this number tells us that you have taken the time to visit the home once on your own already.

Step 3:

Email us at RyanRentsNC@gmail.com if you have any specific questions.


Step 4: 

Pay your application fee.  We do not begin reviewing your application until your fee is paid.  We charge $50 for one adult on the lease or $100 for 2 adults on the lease.  Be sure to pre-read our application (below) and follow the other steps listed here before paying - your payment is non-refundable.  We use PayPal for your application fee.  You do not need a PayPal account, you can still submit your payment without one.  Be sure to include your name (the same name as will be on your application) in your payment information so we can mark your application as paid when we receive it.



PAY APPLICATION FEE ($100) FOR TWO ADULTS (The cost to add an adult resident LATER is $250)

Step 5:

Submit an application.  We do not begin reviewing an application until your fee is received.  We know you want to do a walk-through of the house and we don't blame you!  However, we need to make sure we can actually rent to you before we schedule a meeting.  If for some reason we cannot, it's best to learn that upfront.  Answer the questions below and email them to us at RyanRentsNC@gmail.com. (it's best to copy the questions, paste them into your email, and answer them as needed).


If you aren't the only adult in the household, please answer the same questions again for any other adults. 

1) Full name (first, middle, and last). Include copy of driver’s license or other picture ID.

2) Total number of ALL PEOPLE in household, including yourself

3) Date of birth 

4) Date of birth for each non-adult in household

5) Where you work (company name and address) 

6) Your title/position at work 

7) Supervisor's name, phone #, and email address 

8) How long you've worked there (if less than 1 year, provide previous employment information)

9) Income information: Are you paid by the hour?  If so, what is your hourly rate and how many hours a week do you work?  Are you salaried?  If so, what is your monthly salary (before taxes)? 

10) Do you receive any government benefits?  If so, provide details. 

11) Are you paid once a week, every other week, or once a month from your source(s) of income?  Please specify what day of the week or day of the month you receive your income. 

12) Your current address  

13) Landlord's name, phone # and email

13) Your current rent 

14) Have you paid this month's rent at your current location in full? 

15) Has your current landlord filed eviction on you?

16) How long you've lived at your current address.  If less than 1 year, the same information for your previous address.

17) Why you're moving

18) Have you already visited our property on your own?  If so, what is the 1-digit number on the back door of the home?  We cannot approve your application until you can answer this question correctly. 

19) Any felonies on your record, and details pertaining to them 

20) Any misdemeanors on your record (other than traffic related), and details of them.

21) Details of any evictions in the last 5 years (did you end up paying what you owe, did you move voluntarily or did the Sheriff have to remove you, etc.)  It's best to be honest about the eviction and criminal record.  We will most likely find out anyway and we can deal with small issues if you're honest about them, but if we find out you’ve lied, it's an automatic rejection.

22) Do you have any pets?  If we find evidence of an unauthorized pet, you will (at best) be fined $500 and have to remove the pet – at worst, you will be evicted. 

23) Do you currently have or plan to have in the future, a documented service animal or emotional support animal?

24) When would you like to move? 

25) How long do you expect you'll want to live in our property?  We require a minimum of a 1-year lease.  If you break lease, you still owe the balance.

26) Do you have the full 1st month's rent and deposit in hand (in cash, certified funds, or money order, no checks), today?  If not, when will you have that amount?  Be aware: we require that applicants bring these funds WITH THEM to showings.  If you do not want to rent the property after your showing, you are under no obligation.  However, if you do want to rent the property, having your money WITH YOU allows us to prepare the paperwork and give you the keys all in one trip.  We do not make a second trip to do paperwork and give you keys if you did not show up with move-in money in hand.   

27) Year, color, make, model, and license plate # of all vehicles that will be kept at our property (note: parking in the yard is prohibited).

28) Do you own a lawnmower, and/or are you willing to pay for someone to mow your grass regularly, since this will be your responsibility?

29) Do you own a vacuum cleaner, and/or are you willing to pay for someone to clean your house regularly, since this will be your responsibility?

30) Are you or any members of your household active duty military?

31) Do you or any members of your household smoke? 

32) Are you aware that poor housekeeping (failing to regularly clean, keeping dirty kitchens and bathrooms, allowing trash to accumulate, leaving food / sweets / spills out in the open, etc.) is unsanitary and will attract germs, roaches, mice, and other problems?  We do not tolerate unsanitary tenants. 

33) Are you aware that grease, oil, and food is NEVER allowed to go down your kitchen drains, and only water, human waste, and toilet paper should be flushed in your toilet?  Paper towels, fabric, diapers, cigarettes, condoms, etc. shall never be flushed.  If one of our tenants clogs a drain, he or she must call (and pay for) a plumber to un-clog them. 

34) Have you ever refused to pay rent at a previous rental home?  If so, why? 

35) Which of our properties is your 1st choice?  If you have a 2nd choice, which one is it? 

36) Our preferred rent payment method is over-the-counter deposits at any Woodforest National Bank (located in Wal-Mart).  Are you OK with this? 

37) Phone numbers and emails of adult applicants so we can contact you as needed. 

38) How did you find this home? (Craigslist, Facebook, Yard Sign, Word of Mouth, etc?) 


NOTE: If your application is approved and you wish to move forward with a rental, we will need a copy of each adult household member's photo ID (driver's license, etc).  You can email a picture to us. 



We must process an application for all adult residents, including those who plan to spend at least 72 hours in the home.  Applications will be sent to the e-mail address that you provide with your payment (we just need one e-mail address - if there are 2 adults, both can go on the same application).  Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.  You will be notified of your approval or denial via email.  Upon approval, we will forward a copy of our lease for you to review in advance and schedule your in-person showing.