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 **Please take the time to read the following information.  The link to make your application fee payment is at the bottom**

We must receive your application fee and approve your application before we schedule an in-person showing of one of our properties.


 Since we have homes all over North Carolina (not in just one particular city), when we show you a home, a representative often drives 2 or more hours round-trip to meet specifically with YOU. Because of this, we need to know a little about you upfront.  By determining your income/employment situation, criminal background, eviction history, etc, we can determine if we would be able to rent to you.  If we determine we COULD NOT rent to you based on the information we collect in your application, then nothing would be accomplished by scheduling a showing.  However, if we determine that we COULD rent to you, as is the case with at least 90% of applicants, the rental process is very simple after we meet for an in-person showing.  If you view a property and decide to move forward with it, we can save everyone a second trip - you're already approved, and we bring contracts and keys with us!

By viewing the online photo gallery and video tour for each listing, as well as by visiting the property on your own time first, you can have an excellent idea of what you are applying for before needing to pay the application fee.

 To schedule a showing, you must first apply.  Follow these simple steps: 

1) Your application will cost $50.  If you pay the $50 fee and for whatever reason do not complete your application process, this will not be refunded.  Be aware of how you represent yourself; your "application" begins the first time you contact us.  You are encouraged to do all due-diligence first before beginning the application process.  This includes mapping the property, driving to it on your own to familiarize yourself with the home, neighborhood and general location, etc.

2) Applications are done via EMAIL for simplicity and accurate record-keeping.

3) We must receive your application fee BEFORE we process your application.

4) We offer a variety of payment options:

a) PayPal: Click here to make your payment online.

b) Mail a money order (no checks) to:

Ryan Pennington

4431 NC Hwy 231

Zebulon, NC 27597 

***If you use this option, make sure to write your name and phone number ON THE MONEY ORDER so that we know how to contact you for the phone application.

c) Wal-Mart Moneygram your payment using the contact information above.  If you choose this option, you will need to call us with the payment confirmation code, sender's name, and the city that your payment was sent from.

5) We must have a working telephone number and email address for the applicant.  If you pay with PayPal (the recommended manner), make sure to submit your email address with your payment.  Shortly after receiving your fee, we will forward the email application to you.  It will contain questions like these:

a) The full legal name of ALL adults (age 18+) that will live in the property.  Do not list adults who will not continually live with you in the property.  We DO NOT ACCEPT COSIGNERS.  If we develop reason to believe that you have listed an adult for their favorable income / employment / criminal record / eviction record / rental history / credit rating / etc, and that this adult does not live in the residence with you, we reserve the right to deny your application and (if you have already moved in) terminate your rental agreement for breach of contract.

b) Where these adults work, and/or where they get their income, and/or the total monthly income for each adult.

c) Where the applicants currently live, and how long they have lived there.

d) Reason for moving.

e) Applicant's eviction history (only cases that made it past magistrate's court - cases that were dismissed prior to court are irrelevant).

f) Applicant's criminal history (non-traffic criminal convictions and any pending charges.  Traffic issues and dismissed criminal charges are irrelevant).

g) Applicant's pets. See our pet policy here.


6) BE HONEST on your application.  We can work with a less-than-perfect application, but if we find out that you have been dishonest, or have omitted pertinent information your application will be denied and your fee will not be refunded.  If we find that you have misrepresented yourself on your application and you have already moved in, you may be evicted.

7) Within 48 hours of receiving your email application, we will contact you to tell you whether your application was approved or denied.  Roughly 90% of our applicants are accepted.

8) We will schedule a showing after receiving your application fee and approving your application.

9) We are first-come, first-serve.  If more than one application is approved, the first applicant to pay the remaining move-in balance and sign the paperwork will generally get the property.  We often have more than one applicant, so you are encouraged to have your funds available and to act quickly.

10) Before receiving your key, you will need to sign your contract.  You will get a copy immediately, which you will need for getting your utilities turned on.  When you sign the contract, you will need a photo ID for each adult tenant and a Social Security card for each adult tenant.