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Upon vacating the property, tenant shall take the following steps to ensure that the maximum amount of his security deposit is eligible for refund:

1)      Give at least 30 days’ notice before last day of annual lease that you intend to vacate. Otherwise, we will assume that you intend to renew the lease.  We require this notice so we can have time to advertise the property and reduce lost rent due to vacancy.  (If the case of month-to-month rentals, 7 days' notice is required).

2)      Pay all rent and other applicable fees up to date. 

3)      Be 100% moved out by the last day of your contract (generally the last day of the month).  If tenant has not fully vacated before the 1st of the month, note that the rent is due in full for that month regardless of how soon thereafter the tenant vacates.  Since most of our incoming tenants require a first-of-the-month move-in date, your failure to return an empty, rent-ready home on time often costs us the ability to quickly re-rent to the next tenant.

4)      Remove all personal items and trash from the home, the yard, AND THE CURB.  This means “leave it like you found it” – if you brought an item onto the property, it needs to leave with you.  No furniture, clothes, food, debris, garbage, or other items shall be left behind anywhere on the property.  IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to leave items on the curb, regardless of whether they are loose, bagged, or in trash dumpsters.  Most trash services WILL NOT collect trash or recycling after you move.  Plan your move ahead of time – if you will have trash or unwanted items, dispose of them in the days and weeks before your final move-out.

The only items that are acceptable to leave are any clean, working appliance that the tenant supplied and is unable to remove, window blinds that are operable and not broken, shower curtains, and shower curtain rods.

5)      When moving appliances, furniture, and other bulky items, use caution.  DO NOT SLIDE OR DRAG THEM ACROSS THE FLOOR – lift them or use appropriate wheeled carts.  Sliding and dragging large items damages floors and you will be charged for this damage.  Also take care not to damage walls, doors, or door jambs when moving bulky items.

6)      Clean all floors in the unit.  Carpet is to be vacuumed.  Wood floors are to be broom-swept.  Kitchen and bathroom floors are to be broom-swept and then wiped down with Lysol or similar cleaner/disinfectant to remove sticky/greasy spots and other contaminants.

7)      Lysol or similar cleaner/disinfectant shall also be used to wipe down counters, sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, cabinets, appliances, etc.

8)      Wipe down all surfaces as needed with rag or duster to remove build-up of dust, cob webs, dead insects, etc.  This is especially important on and around windows, baseboards, ceilings, and fans.

9)      Pick up any trash from the yard.

10)   Leave the yard and grass like you found it – this usually involves mowing the grass, trimming around the foundation and along curbs/walkways/driveways, and raking or blowing leaves. 

11)   Make sure all windows are closed and locked.  Deadbolt all doors except the front door.  Leave ALL keys on the kitchen counter along with your forwarding address.  Lock the knob of the front door, pull it closed when you leave, and make sure it is indeed secure.

12)   Call or email landlord to confirm when you are 100% out – if we do not hear from you, we must assume that you did not move out on time.

Landlord shall not be obligated to meet tenant for a walk-through of the property.  Tenant is encouraged to take several clear, “wide-angle” photographs of each room and the exterior after cleaning.  Landlord may require such photos be emailed or otherwise sent to him immediately upon move-out as proof that tenant has indeed vacated properly.  Within 30 days after Tenant has vacated the premises, returned keys and provided Landlord with a forwarding address, Landlord will return the deposit in full or give Tenant an itemized written statement of the reasons for, and the dollar amount of, any of the security deposit retained by Landlord, along with a check for any deposit balance.  Landlord will make (1) attempt to send any monies / itemized statement / etc via regular US mail to the forwarding address provided by tenant.  If no forwarding address is provided, landlord will use last known address (address of subject property).  Tenant agrees that this is sufficient.